Villa Brongbong - Bali
Luxury of a 5* hotel and privacy of a villa

Welcome at Villa Brongbong

Welcome in our paradise-villas: the luxury of a 5 star hotel and the privacy of a villa. Our aim is to offer our guests a truly delightful and self-indulgent Bali villa holiday experience by combining the easy luxury and facilities of the best hotels with the freedom and privacy of a villa holiday.

Relax, enjoy the lovely food, drink a cocktail at the beach or jump in the clear swimming pool. The gentle rumble of the waves will relax you, the balmy sea breezes will provide a natural air-conditioning and the ample shade we have created will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Each villa at Villa Brongbong is fully staffed with dedicated, attentive and professional staff offering a wide range of guest services,  every day of the week. Their only aim is to make your stay with us unforgettable.

North Bali is the uncrowded and definitely unhurried part of Bali. The Bali where the cool highlands are speckled with waterfalls, rice paddies, jungle and serene lakes. The Bali with some of the most vigorous music, oldest archeological remains and most impressive temple carvings on the island. The Bali with its long sandy beaches that looks out over the gentle Bali Sea and that has more dolphins than any other region. But, above all, the Bali that far from the mass tourism of the South has preserved the traditional Balinese culture and spirit that made the Island of the Gods so popular in the first place. Let the driver bring you to lovely places, go for a ride on a scooter, have a professional guided diving or snorkelling tour or go for a unique trekking experience. To much too talk about! On this site we will inform you how to enjoy and relax of this paradise.

Villa Brongbong consist of 2 separate villas, namely Villa Brongbong Pantai (10 persons) and Villa Brongbong Rimba (6 persons). Pantai is located directly on the sea (Pantai means sea), and Villa Rimba is located on a river opposite the rimboe (Rimba means Rimboe). The villas are located in Brongbong (North Bali) about half an hour from Lovina.

Villa Brongbong Pantai (10 persons)

  • Located directly on the beach
  • 3 luxury bedrooms downstairs with en-suite bathrooms
  • 2 luxurious bedrooms on floor with bathroom
  • Swimming pool of 20 meters
  • Yaccuzi near the sea
  • Fantastic garden park overlooking the sea
  • Various lounge options
  • Spa for beauty & massage treatments
  • A playground for children

Villa Brongbong Rimba (6 persons)

  • Located at the river with view over rimboo
  • Beach and sea easily accessable
  • 2 luxury bedrooms downstairs with en-suite bathrooms
  • 1 luxurious bedroom on floor with bathroom
  • Swimming pool of 12 meters
  • Fantastic garden
  • Various lounge options
  • Spa for beauty & massage treatments